I am currently a HFSP postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University working in the Ayroles Lab.

I am interested in the genetic basis and evolution of complex traits. In particular, I am trying to understand how variation at the genetic and developmental levels results in variation (or lack of it) at the phenotypic level; and also, what are the consequences of such genotype-phenotype map(s) in an evolutionary context.

During my PhD I explored this broad question using the house mouse as model organism, and craniofacial shape as model phenotype.

For my postdoc, I switched to¬†Drosophila melanogaster, a system that allows me to get the sample size (aka statistical power) to explore in grater detail the effects of genetic variation on phenotypic variation. I’m now using gene expression networks as a phenotype to explore the genetic basis of phenotypic robustness.